Deflategate Will Never Go Away…Ugh

For those of you who live under a rock, Deflategate is the term used to describe the scandal that arose after the Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts in the footballs2015 AFC Championship game, in which it was alleged that the footballs’ air pressure had been tampered with. More information about the whole scandal is available here.

It has been more than a year since Deflategate happened. Yet, 15 months later, people are still talking about it. The latest event to cause Deflategate to hit the news again? A bunch of morons who call themselves “fans” of the New England Patriots. Um, no; you sirs are a disgrace to the true fans of any athletic organization. You disgust me.

Frivolous lawsuits are filed in courts across the nation on a daily basis. These types of lawsuits are filed to harass someone or something. Sometimes these types of lawsuits are filed by plain old stupid people (such as the lay person who believes s/he has a case against X for something that Y failed to do but was not intended to do and never marketed to do). In a nutshell, they are bullshit lawsuits.

These alleged fans of the Patriots filed a lawsuit against the Commissioner of the NFL for the events surrounding Deflategate (lost draft picks, court proceedings and the like). I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of whether this lawsuit could possibly win (it most definitely cannot). The thing I find most disturbing about the case is the fact that these “fans” are suing the owner of the team. Why? They feel that the owner did not fight hard enough to get draft picks returned.

Here’s the thing, a real fan would never sue their beloved team’s owner. They just wouldn’t do that. Don’t they realize that, even though this is a bullshit lawsuit, legal expenses will be incurred by all parties? And, since the lawsuit is based upon actions taken by the owner of the team, in his capacity as the team owner, there is no doubt that the cost to fight this (basically making the judge see that this is a garbage suit) is going to financially cost the team. Why would a fan hurt their team? Would you hurt someone or something you loved? Not deliberately.

I think it’s time we left Tom Brady’s {beautiful} balls alone.

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Trump the Chump

Let me begin by saying that this is probably going to be the only political post you will ever come across on my blog. I loathe politics and I especially dislike most people running for office (at least in this Presidential race). It’s funny because as a high school kid, my friends and I would joke about me being the first woman President. I really enjoyed being class President and working to help my fellow classmates. As an adult, I see that it’s all bullshit and people (superpacs, corporations, etc.) with big money that influence your political stance and/or related action(s).

So, let me now rant on the biggest moron I’ve ever seen run for political office (at least during my lifetime). I thought Sarah Palin was a bad running mate for John McCain four years ago. I was wrong – Donald Trump is the worst human being to ever run for office.

I’ve never seen someone running for President of the United States conduct themselves so unprofessionally, nastily and tactlessly as I have seen him do. During the debates, he and his cohort seem more like fighting pre-pubescent boys than they do people who want to run a nation – one of the most powerful in the world.

I wish I could take all the outlandish statements (if only they weren’t already such public fodder) and go around and ask random people who the author is. Here are some of the doozies, paraphrased:

  • Threatening to bomb the shit out of various nations (how does this help our relations trumpwith foreign nations?);
  • Implying he has a large penis (why is this at all relevant? who cares?);
  • He loves the poorly educated (that’s just an insult to everyone voting for him);
  • Who says that they can shoot someone and not lose any votes (really? If a candidate (or some other person) shot another human being, you would still give them your vote? Are you an idiot?))
  • Building a wonderful wall around our borders to keep Mexicans out as well as keeping all Muslims out (I’m pretty sure that he forgot that his current wife, along with one of his previous wives, is an immigrant);
  • I’m very rich (how is this relevant? You made money in real estate. Being President is not buying and selling real estate. It’s all about relationship management – foreign relations, especially);
  • There are so many more…

Today, Senator Elizabeth Warren pointed out Trump’s failed businesses, his demeanor and what he is “selling” the American people via some fabulous tweets and also on Facebook. Senator Warren is a very bright woman and people who read her tweets about Trump should really give it some thought. Is this who you want to represent you? What do his words and actions really mean for us as a nation? Just let that sit for a bit.

Trump propagates hatred and is a divisive force among our nation’s citizens. He wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico because no one will try to climb over it or dig under the wall. Seriously, he’s an idiot if he thinks a wall is enough to keep people out of our nation. Not only that, he’s already starting fights with Mexico over this crap. Joe Biden, thankfully, did some damage control a few weeks ago, apologizing to the Mexican President, but what happens if this idiot becomes President? Who is going to do damage control then? No one. We’ll be trying to dodge bombs and the like if he becomes President. I’m fairly certain that if he is elected, we are headed for World War III. This time though, I’m not sure the US will come out on top. It’s a terrifying thought.

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Facebook is a Heartbreaker

facebookI generally do not watch the news – local or national. I hate it. My husband likes to have it on, especially at bedtime, so I’ve learned to just tune it out. If he’s not home and the news is on, I’ll change the channel. Why do I hate it so much? First, it’s incredibly sensationalistic. Second, it’s depressing. The majority of stories (at least it feels this way) are about crime, death or terrible human beings. I have children and a lot of what is on the news is stuff that I don’t want my kids exposed to just yet. Yes, the world we live in can be a terrible place at times; the last thing I want is my kid to become anxious about life while she’s still a kid. She needs to spend as much time being a kid as she can. When I was a kid, I wanted to be grown up. Now that I’m a grown up, I wish I could go back to the days of playing with toys from the time I woke up until I went to bed. Being an adult is nowhere near as much fun as I thought it would be.

Facebook used to be fun. It used to be fun to post silly statuses or just rant about stuff (heck, I still rant). It used to be fun to write notes/quizzes where we answered questions about ourselves 10 or 15 years ago. It used to be fun to leave our friends notes and inside jokes on their timelines.

Now? There’s too much sadness on Facebook. Perhaps it is all across social media. I refer to Facebook because that’s the social media platform I use most. Let me say that I’m 100% for helping people or animals in need. I get onto Facebook to escape reality for a little bit. I use it to take a break from work or from dealing with my kids for a bit. The last thing I want to see, when I’m taking a break, is sad stories. So many posts are about animals that have been harmed by sickos, sick or dying children, or someone that died tragically and left a family behind. Yes, this is life. Some of us have had to deal with it; some have had to deal with it more than others. But, it’s the last thing I want see when I want to have a few minutes of fun time.

When these sad things pop up (especially photos), I will hide the image or story. I can’t bear to read it or see the picture again. I do the same thing with the sad commercials about abused children or animals – I change the channel. I can’t handle the sadness of the situation. What purpose do these sad stories serve? If we’re reminded about how awful the world is, are we called to action? Some people make financial donations – but beyond finances – do we actually take time out of our busy lives to lend a hand? Not usually. I would love to volunteer at a homeless shelter or animal shelter. I’ve gone so far as to inquire about volunteering. I then remember that I am not mentally equipped to take that on. I’m already high strung and stressed about life. I’ve always been that way. I was that way in high school and I didn’t have a thing to worry about then except for grades.

We all have a right to free speech. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t post these things on social media. How you use social media is entirely up to you, so long as you are operating within the confines of the law (where applicable). I just wish there wasn’t so much depressing stuff on there; it makes me way too sad.

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Germ Freaks are Idiots

If the term “germ freak” describes you and we are friends, then I’m sorry, but you should read on to see where you have gone wrong.

What is a germ freak? A germ freak is someone that goes crazy about their kids being exposed to germs. Let me clarify that I’m not talking about situations where a child has a weakened immune system and cannot be exposed to things. Germ freaks are the people that make you wash your hands before you touch their kid or insist on covering every surface that their child’s body may touch. You know who you are.

This weekend, our family headed out to Qdoba for a quick dinner before running out to get some errands done. I was never one of those parents that was a freak about germs; that’s just how I was. I understand that not everyone is the same way and that’s just fine. However, if there are benefits to being exposed to germs. I could go on and on with links to articles, but you can easily google for yourself, “benefits of germ exposure” and you’ll come up with the same articles.

I have witnessed the benefit to early germ exposure. I have a 6 year old that started kindergarten this year and despite all the exposure to all the crap that has hit our house this winter season, she’s only been sick once, thankfully. Her sister, who is just 7 months old, constantly has a runny nose, cough and seems to frequently be ill. While this is frustrating, I know that by the time she is out of daycare and in school, she’ll do just fine with exposure to all the other children.

So, back to our dinner out the other evening. I honestly saw the most idiotic thing by a “germ freak.” Over the last 5 years, covers for carriages, high chairs and the like, have become very popular.seatcover At dinner, a woman with a toddler, had her son sitting in the restaurant high chair with a cover on it – to each their own. What caught my attention was the fact that the child was eating rice and beans right off of the restaurant table. It’s great she was protecting her child from the germ-laden high chair, but what he was eating off of the tabletop, I’m pretty sure, is 10x worse than what was on the chair. Why bother carrying the stupid cover around if you’re going to let your kid do gross crap? It’s seriously the stupidest thing I’ve seen.

Unless your immune system is compromised, you will be just fine if exposed to germs. It’s thanks to those germs that you’ve been exposed to over the years, that you’re not sick 24/7!

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Please Let the Door Hit you in the Ass

I honestly didn’t think I was going to rant about door holding and manners just a few short days after referencing it in my last post. But, let’s face it: people suck.

This weekend, I traveled out of state with my husband, daughters and dog for my nephew’s birthday. When we arrived at our first stop, my husband dropped me and the girls off so that he could head to my mom’s house and drop off the dog. I got out of the car, got the oldest out first (who thankfully was able to manage bringing the gift inside the venue). I then got my 6 month old out of the car. I threw the bulky and heavy diaper bag over my shoulder, along with my purse – also a bit hefty. I grabbed the baby in her car seat, with my other arm, and we headed inside.

As I walked in, I saw another woman walking in behind me, with her two kids. She didn’t seem to have any bags and her kids were walking. This fact is not really relevant, except to add to her inappreciativeness. I put the car seat in my other hand so that I could grab the door and held it open for her behind me. She grabbed the door but did not say thank you.

I’m sorry but did I just bust my ass to get my kids and their things into the door, to then hold the door for you (which is not an easy task when you have all that crap in your hands or on your body) and for which you did not even say thank you? Ugh. I wish I could just smack you.


This is how I felt (and probably looked) holding the door open for that ungrateful bitch!

Actually, this short video sums it up perfectly.

It is not required to hold the door open for anyone. But, when someone does do it, you should say thank you. This is especially important in an era where all anyone cares about is their SnapChat, videos or photos of themselves, or anything else about them. This is the “me” era, afterall.  No one cares about anyone else anymore and this is evidenced by the fact that we don’t even say thank you for the simplest of things.

When I recently parked my car this weekend, I was about to go into a spot that someone was pulling their car through and into. He saw me and actually waved and backed up into the spot he had come from. That was nice of him and he didn’t have to do that. When I got out of my car, he had already gotten out of his and was headed into the store. I yelled, “Thank you!” to which he responded, “You’re Welcome!” Yesterday, I literally stopped my 6 year old as we walked through a door. Someone was holding the door open for us (another young child) and she did not say thank you. We stopped, I instructed her to say thank you (which she did) and then as we walked to our car, I explained to her why we say thank you.

It’s a simple gesture. It takes us nothing to say thank you. Literally, it does not cost a thing. Why do we not feel a need to be polite anymore? Why is it that when someone is polite, we find it refreshing? When did we lose our manners? Better yet, when did we stop teaching our children manners?

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Your Condescension is Not Necessary

There are two things that I truly despise in the workplace…well three:

  1. Laziness
  2. Condescension
  3. Entitlement

I have to deal with a lot of people. Many of them come from a similar demographic – older white women who come from (or have) money. I’m grateful that this generalization does not apply to all of them because some of these people are truly amazing. I’m not going to get into laziness or entitlement here because I could rant about those two for days. I’ll save that rant for a rainy day!

There is nothing that aggravates me more than condescension. I am a fairly well-educated woman. I have a bachelor’s degree from a private liberal arts college as well as a graduate degree from a private university. Not only am I book smart, but I’m fairly street smart as well. I have worked at my current job for over 10 years and the position is similar to that of a project manager.

The people that I work with, walk around with their noses in the air like they are better than you. Many times, these people think that they’re smarter than me and as a result, they talk down to me. There are certainly instances when these people are smarter than me but that never gives them (or anyone else) the right to speak down to you. Just because my office used to be located near the copy machine does not mean I am the copy bitch. Nope, we don’t have that here – literally, we do not have a “secretary” in our office who does people’s photocopying, etc. Every staff member does their own. “Affiliates” – these are those people that I’m referring to in this post – are not employees and they too are responsible for making their own darn copies. Also, do not speak to me as if I don’t know how to do my job – it’s rude.

A lot of times, people like to participate in events or projects, but they only want to be involved with the fun part and avoid what I call the “shit work.” Every job has “shit work.” What is shit work? It’s the part of your job that is the worst thing you get to do. For some people, this could be a monotonous task like filing and for others, the shit work is much larger. All jobs have shit work. Do you think the President of the United States doesn’t have shit work? Of course he does. Don’t you think that meeting with the parents of soldier who was killed in war, is a shit job?!?! All jobs have shit work – it’s just varying degrees of shit that we have deal with.

You should treat all people with dignity and respect. The young man bagging your groceries at the market is not beneath you because he bags groceries. Neither is the older gentleman who bags your groceries. And because someone has chosen to bag groceries, for example, instead of being a cashier where they also have to handle money, does not mean that they are any less intelligent than the cashiers.

One thing I learned as a child was to treat others how you want to be treated. I always make it a point to say thank you to the person who bags my groceries. Even though it is their job, they should know that I appreciate their help and I acknowledge them. When you’re at the department store and a woman comes out of the restroom after she just cleaned it, do you avoid making eye contact with her? No. You always take a moment to make eye contact and even smile. Say thank you if the opportunity arises (and by opportunity, I mean if she hangs around long enough so that you can actually talk). While you’re at it, also thank the person that took a moment to hold the door open for you (ugh, that is such a pet peeve of mine)!

My mother always said, “Money doesn’t buy class.” Just because you’re older than someone, have more degrees or more money than them, does not make you better than that person. We are all humans. We are all equal.


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Is My Baby Just Small?

I wish a medical professional would answer this question with a simple yes or no.

The more doctor’s appointments we go to, the more confused, stressed, and worried I get. Why? My six month old daughter has been labeled as failure to thrive.

A Little History
Baby girl A was born at 40w, 1d. I had gestational diabetes that was well controlled on insulin and her birth weight was 6 lbs., 15 oz. Other than that, it was an unremarkable pregnancy.

During the 1st month, baby girl was nursed and was doing so almost constantly (at least it felt that way). She would nurse for a few minutes, take a break for a few and then nurse again. It was a long cycle. After a month, I gave up on breastfeeding. It was a good decision because even with formula supplementation, she had only gained weight at 75% of the rate that is considered normal/average for her age.

Another month passed and we realized that she was fussing while feeding from the bottle – she would pull off mid-feed, arch her back and cry. She was clearly in pain. She had acid reflux. It took us about two months to get her on the right medication and feedings magically improved! Yay! We figured this out…or so I thought.

At her three month appointment, things really went sour. Prior to this appointment, it seemed like she was at least growing a lot lengthwise, but not so much weight wise. At the three month appointment, her primary care doctor (PCP) was beginning to worry. We saw a pediatric gastroenterologist and even a neurologist. She’s had an ultrasound and a lot of different blood work done. Thankfully, the ultrasound was negative and the labs came back within normal range. Neither specialist is finding anything that is of concern and I honestly cannot even keep track of the number of appointments we’ve been to at this point.

Developmentally, she’s right on target. She smiles and laughs when you play with her. She has been rolling (forwards and backwards) since she was 3 months old. She has recently started to “army” crawl her way around the floor. She does great with eating “solids.” Other than appearing small, there are no other red flags. But then we see her PCP, she starts to look for what we’re missing and instead of going back to thinking that she’s small, I begin to freak out and worry too.

So far, she’s just small and we haven’t found a reason why. At the same time, I just wish someone would say, “hey, she’s small but that’s her ‘normal’.”

UPDATE: So many people reached out to share their experiences with their children who were labeled as failure to thrive. It has been wonderful to hear from you. I truly appreciate it.

I did a little more digging with regard to my older daughter. She was a big baby at birth, 8 lbs., 10 oz., but I don’t recall that she was ever big after that. Well, it turns out she wasn’t. It took her an entire year to double her birth weight. The baby is already close to doubling her weight at almost 7 months. I think the big difference is the size that they started out at (nearly a 2 lb. difference between them).

At this point, I’m going to calm down and not freak out about this so much. Given how long it took her sister to double her size, I’m going to guess that that’s just how these girls roll when it comes to growing. I’m fine with regular weight checks and the like, but I think we’re done looking for a mysterious illness that we can’t find out because it probably isn’t there.

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